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  • Networking


    We think there’s so much to gain from getting to know your neighbours. As well as harnessing a sense of community and familiarity it can also be incredibly valuable to share ideas, contacts and tips with others. Our Office & Facilities Managers Networking events and Building Manager meet-ups aim to bring together those in similar roles to help foster new opportunities.

    These are always fun and informal events. We try to host these events in different and unusual venues and past events have included Home House private members club and Barracuda Casino where guests had the chance to try their hand at roulette! These are free to attend and we host around two a year.

    Drop us a line to ensure the right people in your place of work are invited.

    You may also want to join our LinkedIn group. For our member Office and Facilities Managers it’s a great forum for easily sharing recommendations and tips with each other.

  • Social Events

    Social Events

    We agree with the ‘All work and no play…’ saying and think that sometimes fun, informal social events are as important as business ones. With no motive in mind, other than to create a vibrant place for people to enjoy their social time as well as work time we host a range of sports clubs, evening classes and events for all to enjoy. Take a look at our social events programme here.