Reoccupancy and Reopening Resource Hub

For those managing business reoccupation – information from our real estate partners, experts in employment law, our wider network and official guidance on reoccupation for offices, retailers and hoteliers. 

  • Office Reoccupancy

    Office Reoccupancy

    Webinar Office Reoccupancy with Knight Frank  

    Learn more about theKnight Frank Reoccupancy Roadmap  as well as the 12 Dynamics that are shaping the future of real estate and the workplace as we move into the AC (after corona) world.  This is suitable for any office occupier of any size.  You will hear from Neil McLocklin, Head of European Consulting Practice and Dr Lee Elliot, Global Head of Occupier Research. Webinar available  here

    Knight Frank Readiness Survey – takes 2-3 minutes to complete 

    To help inform the government Knight Frank want to find out how prepared UK office based businesses are and would appreciate 2-3 minutes of your time in answering this shortsurvey  (or passing on to the appropriate person in your business).  The survey follows theKnight Frank Reoccupancy Roadmap as a basis to evaluate preparedness. All responses will be confidential. 

    Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace by Cushman Wakefield  

    An outline of some of the best practice to reopening the workplace compiled by thousands of international professionals. The recommended information in this guide has been successfully implemented across the globehere 

    Office Social Distancing Advice from Colliers International  

    Colliers International are offering a 48 hour turnaround service on recommendations on social distancing in your workplace. Also to help you with re-occupancy they have created an  Office Social Distancing Calculator  which calculates the number of work stations your employees will be able to occupy in line with social distancing advice. 

    Webinar:   Colliers Back to Work Navigator – The Great Return 

    Listen in as their experts across Europe share insights and in-depth research on the evolution and management of the virus across countries, the lockdown exit strategies in place and the implications on multiple real estate markets. Access to this webinar and others ranging from information for office occupiers to the hospitality industry are availablehere  

    Webinar:  Guidance for people who run offices, contact centres and similar indoor environments on to make the workplace COVID-secure hosted by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Tuesday 2 June 11.00  here

  • Retail Reoccupancy

    Retail Reoccupancy

    Social Distancing Guide for Non-Food Retail Stores by British Retail Consortium and URDAW  – A guide for retailers on how to implement government advice on social distancing in retail is available here 

    The Shape of Food Retailing in the New Normal: Adapting to the Realities – A paper by Scott Annan and Dev Dhillon outlines the new possibilities of food retail here

    Shop Local Directory – Westminster City Council are mapping all the shops in the area you can add your shop to the list here

    FSA guidance for food businesses – The Food Standards Agency has collated guidance for food businesses operating during the coronavirus pandemic. Advice is available to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely in the food sector. The FSA’s website provides information for food manufacturers, restaurants and takeaways. The link to guidance can be found here. If you are seeking to convert your business to a takeaway service please view current guidance here.

    Information on adapting restaurants to food businesses for takeaway and food delivery from FSA here

    Webinar: Guidance for making restaurants, takeaways, deliveries and shops COVID-secure –  hosted by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

    Thursday 28 May, 11am: Shops and branches – Guidance for people who run shops, branches, stores or similar environments.

  • Hotel Reoccupancy

    Hotel Reoccupancy

    Coronavirus and reoccupancy advice from HospitalityNet is available here and you can sign up to regular bulletins to keep-up-date as more information about reopening comes through.


  • Guidance for Employers

    Guidance for Employers

    Returning to the workplace after covid-19 lockdown: A Toolkit by SOM here

    Furlough information from Seddons Law LLP

    • Seddons Law LLP essential information on furloughing staff here 
    • Seddons Law LLP summary on changes to the coronavirus job retention scheme here
    • Seddons Law LLP summary on four month furlong extension 12 May here

  • Government Advice

    Government Advice

    Government Recovery Plans – The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy here

    Government Guidance on getting back to work safely here

    Government Advice on cleaning non-healthcare settings here

    Government Furlough Advice – here

    Government Charter for safe working practice – here

    The Office for Product Safety and Standards have produced a coronavirus guidance for business and local authorities – here 

    Public Health England – Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus here

    Health and Safety Executive – Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak here

    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – Social distancing in the workplace sector guidance here

    Westminster City Council –  Advice for businesses & working with the ouncil during the pandemic here

    London Fire Brigade advice on reopening businesses here

    Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure – advice on protecting pedestrian queues from vehicle as a weapon attack here