Safe and Cared For

Through our Street Management Team and Security and Resilience programme, our work ensures the Quarter remains a safe, well-managed environment with the capacity to respond to and recover from a major incident. We provide regular training opportunities and resources to continuously enhance our area’s emergency planning and work closely with the  Police and other local security groups to do this.  

Managing the Streets

Our Street Management Team ensure the area is safe and smart whilst offering a warm welcome. The team proactively address anti-social behaviour, security, cleanliness and maintenance. They work with the police, council and outreach services and property managers to share intelligence, compile evidence, report and monitor ongoing issues.

  • Street Environment

    Street Environment

    Alhoussein monitors the street environment and contacts relevant service providers to resolve issues such as fly tipping, potholes and graffiti. Alhoussein has an extensive knowledge of the area is a great ambassador for the Quarter, providing information for businesses, residents and visitors to Marylebone. Contact Al

  • Street Safety Team

    Street Safety Team

    Our team has an on-street presence seven days a week including evenings and weekends. Team members Sam, Ram and Swastik focus on providing reassurance to the public and businesses as well as dealing professionally and discretely with security concerns and issues of anti-social behaviour. 

    The team supports rough sleepers in the area by signposting people to sources of assistance, and working in partnership with specialist charity The Passage to provide increased support. The team also carry radios which plays a pivotal role in sharing local intelligence through our Radio Network and Safer WestEnd platform to address issues that the area and our members face.  

    Contact the Street Safety Team.

  • Radio Network

    Radio Network

    Our radio network facilitates swift communication between our Street Team and security teams at businesses across the Quarter, sharing real-time information on matters of concern to create an effective and invaluable security network across the area and collating intelligence to inform the Police and Council. This network is further enhanced by regular interactions and intelligence sharing between neighbouring street safety teams and regular meetings with the local Police and Council outreach teams.  

  • Increasing Resilience

    Our Security and Resilience programme is designed to enhance the capacity of the Baker Street Quarter area and the businesses within it to resist, respond, react to and recover from a threat to business arising from a security-related incident. As an organisation, we gather intelligence, deter criminal behaviour and facilitate communications between security teams, the Police, Council and other outreach services. Our annual Tabletop session gathers the area’s security and resilience staff to look at emergency planning, sharing best practice and explore other potential incidents, such as cyber security vulnerabilities within the context of increased home working. A different type of major incident, the Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of agility, strong relationships and good communications throughout the area.

  • Incident Alert

    Incident Alert

     As part of our ongoing work to increase safety, security and resilience across the Quarter an Incident Alert system has been implemented. This has been designed for members responsible for their staff and business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning together with all members’ security staff.

    How Incident Alert works:

    • The app communicates to you, in real-time, major incidents in the area as they unfold, such as fire, gas explosion and act of terrorism, as well as notifying you in advance of planned events such as marches or protests that may affect your business and staff.
    • Gives you access to useful resources in a document library. These include advice on Invacuations, Lockdowns, Bomb Threats and Firearms Attack to help you plan in advance or even refer to during a real-time incident. They are accessible via our app which means they can be viewed offline if mobile networks are unavailable.

    Download the BakerStreetQ Incident Alert App for IOS and Android from your relevant app store. To receive updates, we will need to set up staff members you would like on the system. Simply please provide us with the names, email addresses and mobile numbers.

  • Safer WestEnd for BakerStreetQ

    Safer WestEnd for BakerStreetQ

    Our crime reduction information sharing site, in partnership with Safer WestEnd, is designed to tackle local crime and anti-social behaviour through business collaboration. This includes a radio network connecting 25 businesses throughout the area designed to share real-time intelligence between our members and the Street Safety Team. These services are free to members and give security staff access to real-time intelligence from Police and other key agencies. Users can access email updates and a secure website to share and use security information uploaded by businesses in the area. If you would like a demo of the system and to find out more, please contact us.

  • Counter Terrorism Guidance

    Counter Terrorism Guidance

    You can find protective security information, practical guidance and online training opportunities here. We also have a number of training courses throughout the year that could help your staff prevent a terrorist attack and spot the signs of suspicious behaviour. 

    Before an Incident

    Our objective is to prevent an incident taking place by detecting and deterring any preparatory activity by potential attackers. We provide training and communicate news, alerts and updates between our own resources, local businesses and policing teams. Our Street Safety team is trained to identify potentially suspicious behaviour and members can be helped to deter threats through counter-terrorism training. Our radio network has been implemented to improve communications with our businesses about security issues and our day-to-day work will be supported by Police Project Servator operations. These are highly visible Police presence operations to deter crime. Westminster City Council and WESG’s Business Readiness Toolkit is a useful resource for small to mediumsized businesses for managing risk, and through our Business Continuity Planning support we bring businesses together to share best practice. We run a Tabletop annual planning exercise to give businesses an understanding on how the area would react as a whole and to learn and hear from those in similar roles at other local businesses. 

    During an Incident

    Pre-planning is crucial so that if an incident or attack happens, businesses in the area know what steps to take to safeguard their staff and minimise disruption to their business operations. Each business is responsible for its own Business Continuity Plan and we know many members lead the way in having well practised and robust plans.  

    In the event of an incident, keep an eye on Incident Alert App, make use of the resources available on it and follow official channels the like the Met Police. If you are a member and would like to be added to the group distribution, please let us know. 

    After an Incident 

    Getting the area back to normal after an incident takes place is vitally important for business confidence, to support the interests and wellbeing of staff, residents and visitors and to maintain the positive reputation the area enjoys. We have an important role to play and are focused on putting the systems and relationships in place now to ensure we can quickly respond should an incident occur. We are linked in with local stakeholders including Westminster City Council and the Police so that we can support them with their post incident responsibilities.

    If you would like to discuss any aspect of our Safe & Secure activities please get in touch.