Safe and Cared For

A safe and well-managed environment is good for everyone. Amongst the many benefits, a clean and safe area enhances the wellbeing and happiness of those working and living locally and visitors are more inclined to return. By managing our streets effectively and through our measures to increase the area’s security and resilience we’re making a real difference. Our work is focused on two key areas, Managing The Streets and Increasing Resilience. We are uniquely positioned to enhance the security of the area for everyone by facilitating close links between our members, the dedicated security resources in place across the area, the Police and the Council.

Managing The Streets

Caring for and maintaining our hugely popular area to ensure it’s presented in the best possible way, whilst ensuring it’s a safe haven for everyone to enjoy, is important to those working, living and visiting here. Our Street Management Team and programme of support services play a crucial role in managing our streets.

  • Street Environment Manager – Dan monitors the street environment and reports faults and problems to the Council, TfL and utility providers. Anything broken or damaged, such as potholes or graffiti are reported, and he has a consistently high fix rate thanks to his strong relationships with these partners. He also regularly meets with local businesses and his extensive knowledge of the area means he’s a great help to visitors exploring this fabulous part of Marylebone. Contact Dan

  • Street Safety Team – our newly expanded team provide an increased on-street presence seven days a week including evening and weekends. Team members Terry, Zahid, Svenn and Elijah focus on providing reassurance to the public and businesses as well as dealing professionally and discretely with security concerns and issues of anti-social behaviour.

    In addition to deterring crime, they deal with organised begging and trespass working closely with Police and Council, as well as supporting our work on Increasing Resilience. The team take an all-rounded approach to support the homeless, working closely with outreach teams in signposting individuals to where they can get support. The team carry a radio which plays a pivotal role in sharing local intelligence through our Radio Network and Safer West End platform to address issues that the area and our members face. The information collated is also a useful resource for our local police team. Contact the Street Safety Team.

  • Radio Network  – the recent introduction of our radio network enables us to link up and build a network of security teams from key locations in the Quarter. The service is designed to share intelligent in real time on crime and anti-social behaviour issues offering direct communication between users and the Street Safety Team.

    Safer WestEnd for BakerStreetQ – our crime reduction information sharing site, in partnership with Safer WestEnd, is designed to tackle local crime and anti-social behaviour through business collaboration. This service is free to members and gives security staff access to real-time intelligence from Police and other key agencies.  Users can access email updates and a secure website to share and use security information uploaded by businesses in the area. If you would like a demo of the system and to find out more please contact us

  • Increasing Resilience

    Ultimately, this aspect of our work is to enhance the resilience of the area to prevent, prepare for, manage and recover from a major incident or attack. We provide a programme of support for members to help deter and be better prepared in the advent of any potential attack or incident, whether an act of terrorism, serious crime or major incident. The priority is on collaboration and how our members work together for the benefit of the area as a whole.

  • Before an attack

    Our objective is to prevent an incident taking place by detecting and deterring any preparatory activity by potential attackers. We provide training and communicate news, alerts and updates between our own resources, local businesses and policing teams.  Our Street Safety team is trained to identify potentially suspicious behaviour and members can be helped to deter threats through counter-terrorism training. Our soon-to-launch radio network will improve communications with our businesses about security issues and our day-to-day work will be supported by police Project Servator operations. These are highly visible police presence operations to deter crime.

  • During an attack

    Pre-planning is crucial so that if an incident or attack happens, businesses in the area know what steps to take to safeguard their staff and minimise disruption to their business operations. Each business is responsible for its own Business Continuity Plan and we know many members lead the way in having well practised and robust plans. Through our Business Continuity Planning support we bring businesses together to share best practice and conduct planning exercises so that businesses have an understanding on how the area would react as a whole.

    Currently, if we are alerted to any type of incident we will share this with members by email. If you are a member and would like to be added to the group distribution please let us know. We are investigating a new communication facility to help members in senior positions to be alerted of real-time developments of an incident. We will let you know when this launches.

  • After an attack

    Getting the area back to normal after an incident takes place is vitally important for business confidence, to support the interests and well-being of staff, residents and visitors and to maintain the positive reputation the area enjoys. We have an important role to play and are focused on putting the systems and relationships in place now to ensure we can quickly respond should an incident occur.  We are linked in with the Council and the Police so that we can support them with their post incident responsibilities.

    If you would to discuss any aspect of our Safe & Secure activities please get in touch