Personal deliveries

  • Are you aware of the impact of your online order deliveries?

    Are you aware of the impact of your online order deliveries?

    Missing a delivery at home is annoying but workplace deliveries can cause issues too, often ones we wouldn’t even think about. The most obvious is the hassle of having to get our parcels home. No one wants to struggle with bags and boxes on the tube or bus. But the lesser known issues are the impact on air quality, congestion and most importantly our health.

    We have been looking at the types of vehicles that contribute to the increasing traffic in our streets. The vast majority are delivery vehicles, many of which are for personal, online purchases. It is estimated that personal mail now makes up around 40% of deliveries to our post rooms. Over the Christmas period, when everyone buys a little more, this figure can reach 60%.

    More vehicles on the roads means more congestion and emissions. The increase in emissions, particularly nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, and the impact they have on our health is a real concern. In 2010, 9,400 deaths in London were attributed to these air pollutants.

  • Alternative options

    Alternative options

    Workplace deliveries may seem like the only option but there are lots of alternatives that you may want to consider. Our Click and Collect page will easily help you locate your most convenient pick up points and options. Take a look at this short animation to find out how this works:

    Delivery close to home:

    Collect in store:

    • For high street retailers, mostly at no cost.

    Collectively if we make some small changes to how we buy online we can make some great changes. Our neighbouring BIDs New West End Company and Marble Arch London are also sharing this message.

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