Smarter recycling

  • Our Complete Recycling Solution

    Our Complete Recycling Solution

    Our service to members is provided by Paper Round, a leading and ethical waste management provider. Since offering the service to members in 2014 its had a huge impact on traffic and recycling volumes.
    // 46% reduction in waste-vehicle trips in the Quarter
    // 2,509,886kg of CO2 savings from responsible waste disposal
    // £336,280 of cost savings for members have been made

    Here are it’s key features:

    Single Solution It’s a service for all your waste needs – if you throw it out we can collect it, whether it’s a bag a week or a wheeled bin daily from streetside or from large compactors. Plus, as we do the whole lot it makes it simple for you to manage.

    Financially Smart It’s subsidised by us so the vast majority of your mixed recycling can be collected for free and you’ll get great rates on the rest.

    Less Traffic & Pollution More businesses using the same provider means less vehicles, less traffic and less pollution which is a great thing for our Quarter.

    Completely Green We know your business green credentials matter. Our service is 100% zero waste to landfill and ISO compliant, helping you boost your green credentials.

    Smart Reporting Tools We provide the data you need, whether a detailed bespoke waste report or a summary you can download from your own online portal.

    Simple to Start From the moment you sign up we will take care of everything. We will visit you, assess what you need and get you started as soon as you’re ready.

    Employee Engagement We can host talks, provide literature, workshops and awareness days for your staff

  • What we recycle

    What we recycle

    Mixed Recycling Pretty much everything except food including paper, plastics and cans – all in one bag or bin to make it easy.

    Food Large or small scale from kitchens to tea points, we take it away and turn it in to compost and it’s cheaper than putting it in the general waste too.

    Glass Whether you have a lot or a little, from a bar or just Friday drinks in the office, we collect bottles and jars in sacks or wheeled bins.

    Coffee Cups and Grounds Your fresh coffee grounds can be used by Bio Bean to power bio-mass boilers and we can even recycle the cups its drank from.

    Confidential Waste We offer a fully secure collection and shredding service to European Information Destruction Standards, ensuring your date is safe.

    Electricals & More We can collect all those items you never know how to dispose including IT equipment, furniture, printer cartridges, batteries, CD’s, light bulbs and hazardous waste.

    General Waste Almost everything can be recycled but the things that can’t will never be sent to landfill. Zero to landfill is guaranteed.

  • How & When

    How & When

    You tell us! Paper Round’s trucks are regularly in the Quarter so we can collect from the street or from bin stores, from compactors or in sacks, ad-hoc or daily, tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

    Email us to get started.