Sustainable Future

The Sustainable Future strand of our work offers a range of practical services to help members do their bit to reduce emissions and improve air quality. Not only that, we engage with local and regional government stakeholders and the wider community and our neighbouring BIDs to have an even greater impact.

Our Sustainable Future programme is now set to expand as a result of research with our members which highlighted significant interest in broadening the sustainability agenda. As such, we commissioned a gap analysis using the One Planet Living framework with Bioregional. We will use this to develop a Sustainability Action Plan in 2021-22, encouraging and facilitating sustainable business practices and responsible consumer behaviour. We will consult with our members to identify priorities and what is achievable in the short, medium and longer term with an Action Plan.

  • One Planet Living

    One Planet Living

    We are delighted to be working with Bioregional on their One Planet Living framework to contextualise and develop our understanding and our impact across a range of 10 sustainability pillars, including land and nature, health and happiness  and community and travel and transport. Watch this space for more information in the coming months on our achievements so far and opportunities for the future across this framework.

  • Smarter Recycling

    A Simpler, Cheaper and Greener Waste Service

    Smarter Recycling

    Smarter Recycling offers businesses the unique opportunity to work together to reduce traffic and emissions in the Quarter. Working with two industry leading waste and recycling service providers, Paper Round and Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service, we offer an area-wide scheme that helps businesses cut costs and meet their green goals by minimising waste and increasing recycling rates. We are pleased to make this scheme available to non-members in the area so that fewer providers come into the Quarter to collect waste. Find out more about the service and its benefits here.


  • Waste and Recycling Advice for your Business

    Waste and Recycling Advice for your Business

    Whether you use one of our Smarter Recycling Partners or not, there are a range of resources available to help you reduce the amount of waste you create and improve your recycling too. Westminster Council has provided ‘The Ultimate Guide to real Recycling’. Both of our Smarter Recycling partners will provide your business with a free Floor Walk/Waste Audit to make recommendations to your current arrangements and provide a quote for their services. You can also follow this guidance to assess your waste more comprehensively and set up monitoring and improvements.

  • Special Collections

    Special Collections

    Our Smarter Recycling Partners will also each provide quotes for ad-hoc collections for all kinds of items including bulky waste and hard-to-recycle items like crisp packets, PPE and coffee pods . There are even resources outlining what can be collected at no cost including pallets and printer toner cartridges.

  • Smarter Giving

    Smarter Giving

    Not good for you doesn’t mean not good for anyone. if you’re moving, refurbishing or simply having a clear out, we can help re-direct items to local causes. We are happy to coordinate donations of larger office items like chairs or desks that may have a new life at one of our charitable partners, and we can also arrange donations to the North Paddington Food Bank or FareShare if you have surplus food.

  • Personal Deliveries

    Personal Deliveries

    Our Click Collect website and information for members is designed to make it easier for people to arrange personal deliveries near home rather than adding to congestion and pollution in the Quarter. Here’s more information including a short video explaining how it works.


  • Zero and Low Emission Suppliers Directory

    Zero and Low Emission Suppliers Directory

    With the supply chain playing a significant role in London’s poor air quality, the Zero and Low Emission Suppliers Directory connects you with suppliers that use these specific types of vehicles to deliver goods and services. By choosing a supplier that uses zero or low emission vehicles, you are directly helping to improve air quality not only around your office, but along the entire route the vehicle takes to get to you. This online tool has been established by our colleagues at the Victoria BID and is a public directory available to all. So whether you are looking for office supplies, caterers, cleaners, couriers or anything else, browse the extensive list and choose a green supplier to reap the air quality benefits.

  • Travel Information For Staff & Visitors

    Travel Information For Staff & Visitors

    To help your staff choose low emission travel options for getting around the Quarter and encourage exploring the neighbourhood, here are some resources you can share. These are especially useful for new starters.

    To discover where the nearest Electric Vehicle charging points are you can search by location on the Council’s website. Go to Find a Charge Point.

  • Greening the Quarter

    Greening the Quarter

    As part of our commitment to deliver more greenery to the area, we supported the Wild West End Garden on Old Quebec Street, an award-winning design at the Chelsea Flower Show. We also partnered with The Portman Estate and Derwent London to deliver George’s Park, a green micro-oasis offering outdoor seating and a programme of pop-up stalls. Both parks offer locals an attractive space for respite and downtime and includes pollution-tackling planting too to help meet our air quality goals.

    We have also seen 23 established size trees being planted as part of the Baker Street Two Way. You can view our  Greenery Action Plan which sets out our ambitions to add even more greenery to the area. Our subsequent Greening Strategy will be developed 2020-21 to report on our achievements against that plan as well as encourage and facilitate more greening in the Quarter with our stakeholder partners.

  • Deliveries and Servicing Consolidation

    Deliveries and Servicing Consolidation

    Transport for London provide advice on efficient deliveries and how you can find effective, cost-efficient ways to make and receive deliveries. The toolkit to help reduce, re-time and consolidate deliveries and services is designed to ensure your businesses can meet the challenges of operating in London. These practical solutions not only help to reduce emissions but also cuts journey times and congestion.

  • Close The Door Campaign

    Close The Door Campaign

    We encourage businesses in the Quarter to adopt the Close the Door initiative. As simple as it sounds, closing your store or premises door will reduce the level of airborne pollutants inside by a third – making your workplaces safer and healthier for customers, clients and staff. Keeping your doors closed will also reduce electricity usage (and costs) by up to 50% when heating or air conditioning is in use. Being more energy efficient not only cuts costs, but reduces emissions from on-site boilers and / or the electricity grid. Find out more here.