Week 4 – Improving Workplace Cyber Security

  • Apps, Websites and Social Media

    Step 1:

    Third party app stores are a potential risk to your business, as the apps could be a copycat version that manipulates you into divulging personal information. To find apps, you should only use reputable stores. Find out more here Reputable App Stores Leaflet.

    Step 2:

    You should always check the privacy settings on your social media accounts…but where do you find them? This handy leaflet will assist. This step is focuses on Instagram – Instagram Privacy Settings

    Step 3:

    While the internet enables young people to connect with their friends and learn new things, there are also dangers to going online and children can be particularly vulnerable. Understand the risks attached to certain apps with these two leaflets from Child Safe VPN – DangerousApps_Part1  and DangerousApps_Part2

    Step 4:

    Where are the privacy settings on Twitter? Find out here Twitter Privacy Settings

    Step 5:

    Where are the privacy settings on Facebook? Find out here Facebook Privacy Settings

    Step 6:

    Watch this guide to protecting your online identity from the Metropolitan Police:

    Step 7:

    This leaflet from Child Safe VPN features useful advice for children and young people on social media and how to use it responsibly – Social Media Infographic by Child Safe VPN