Week 8 – Improving Workplace Cyber Security

  • Install Antivirus & Firewall

    Step 1

    Many small businesses fall victim to costly malware & phishing attacks,which can infect systems resulting in revenue loss, expensive recovery costs, data loss, damage to reputation and more. Find out how to prevent them with this blog by Global Cyber Alliance Prevent Phishing and Viruses Toolkit

    Step 2

    There are a lot of myths and rumours associated with Anti-virus/anti-malware/Firewall security features that run in the background of our devices, so have a read of this blog to find out how they work and the things they can’t do: Background Security – Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware & Firewalls blog

    Step 3

    Many of the latest Operating Systems have a built in Firewall. Our advice leaflet shows you how to switch it on for two of the most common Operating Systems. HOW TO TURN ON THE FIREWALL LEAFLET

    Step 4

    Have a look at our handy infographic to understand more about the various types of malware which can disrupt your systems and threaten your business. MALWARE GLOSSARY INFOGRAPHIC

    Step 5


    Step 6

    The internet is a fundamental part of any modern organisation, but staying safe online can be a challenge. Watch this video to discover our top tips, and remember to share our training videos with your colleagues to raise awareness throughout your organisation. Staying Safe Online by Bob’s Business

    Step 7

    Malware can prove disastrous to organisations of any size, which is why every member of your team needs to know the risks and how to avoid them. Watch this video to discover our top tips. Mastering Malware Video by Bob’s Business