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The Renewal Ballot

From 27 October 2022 you will have the opportunity to vote on this business proposal for 2023 – 2028.

A postal ballot will take place over four weeks. Westminster City Council will conduct the ballot, as required by the BID Regulations and legislation.

The ballot needs to satisfy two tests – a majority by number of those voting and a majority in rateable value of those voting.

Each BID is required to renew its mandate every five years. At our last ballot, in October 2017, we gained a majority of 96% by number, 97% by rateable value and a turnout of 80%.

All eligible businesses will be entitled to one vote per hereditament (rated business unit). Some businesses occupying more than one hereditament will get more than one vote. 


Key Dates

  • 27 October

    Your ballot paper will be issued

  • 22 November

    You need to return your paper by 5pm

  • 23 November

    The result of the ballot will be announced

Get Involved

Baker Street Quarter works for the benefit of all those working and living in and visiting Baker Street and Marylebone.

Our programmes to ensure the area has quality, safe and cared for streets, improved air quality, vibrancy and entertainment are for the benefit of all.